Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Why should you accept crypto currencies and which one is the best? Fresh tips for merchants and businesses!

First of all, let's compare the transaction sent from USA to China:

1000 USD
1 Billion USD
The fees go to:
Post / check
94 cents
94 cents
94 cents
Bank Transfer
10 cents
5-100 USD
1 million USD
Credit Card
34 cents
40 USD
(merchant pays)
40 million USD (merchant pays)
Credit card company
33 cents
5 million USD
PayPal owner
Bitcoin crypto currency
5 cents
5 cents
5 cents
Bitcoin miners with strong computers
Nxt crypto currency
2 cents
2 cents
2 cents
All Nxt users*

Additional annual monthly fees: most of the Banks and Credit cards, 30 USD/month for using Bitpay payment system/gateway (Bitcoin-USD).
*All Nxt users with stake at least 500 USD, using Nxt clients (the power of computer is irrelevant)

Now let’s compare the speed of transaction:

1000 USD
1 Billion USD
Post / check
1-6 weeks
Bank Transfer
3-14 days
Credit Card
1 minute
Bitcoin crypto currency
10 minutes - days (up to transaction fee)
Nxt crypto currency
1 minute

Actual cost of one transaction:
Actual cost of the transaction:
Bitcoin crypto currency
30 USD
Nxt crypto currency
1 cent

Here are only Bitcoin and Nxt crypto currencies, because all others: Litecoin, Dogecoin or Blackcoin are only the clones based on the Bitcoin’s source code. While Nxt is a brand new, written from the scratch, faster and cheaper than Bitcoin.

As you can see, accepting any cryptos is much faster and cheaper than accepting fiat money. And the best solution is probably using Nxt. The brand new currency Nxt is not dependent on slow development of the Bitcoin developers - look how fast is adding new features:

The aim of crypto currencies shouldn’t be to replace fiat currencies, but to expand possibilities in the web payments. Since the internet doesn’t support any simple payments from EU->US->CNY and so on. It is way easier and faster to use crypto currencies in these cases. Also if you want to visit Argentina, you need to use fiat exchanges 2-3x and always pay high fees. In crypto world there are no country borderlines!

Nxt: the fastest crypto with most of the features

List of Nxt features:

  • Running: 1-minute payment system, Alias system, Arbitrary Messages, Asset Exchange, Leased Forging, Nxt Multipool
  • Will be released in summer 2014: Multigateway, Nxt Mixer, Nxt Torrent, Instant transactions, Account control/Phasing (= cold storage, escrow), Digital Goods Store
  • Will be released later: Automated transactions, Cross Chain Transactions, Judgement (Reputation) System, Monetary System, Service Providers, IPO Businesses, Transparent Forging, Time Warp, Two Factor Authentication

In cryptos you trust in math

Many of us don't understand how cryptos actually work. But do you know how everything about Visa or PayPal? In fiat money, you need to trust to your government. In cryptos, you can trust in math.

Do you think using cryptos is not safe? Let me show you, want can never happen in crypto world:
·         Savers with over 100,000 euros deposited in the Bank of Cyprus lost up to 60 per cent of their deposited money.
·         The peak month of hyperinflation in Zimbabwe occurred in 2008 with a rate estimated at 79,600,000,000% per month. Zimbabwe Dollars were ranging from 10 to 100 trillion within a one year period.
·         The bankruptcy of the Icelandic banks lead to enormous increasing of Iceland's external debt.
·         The inflation in Argentina was over 20% during 2008

You can't do this with cryptos, they are not centrally manipulated by country leaders or finance bosses! Welcome to the free market! So actually using cryptos is safer than depending on currencies centrally lead and manipulated by the governments.

Risks? None!

Are you afraid of price volatility? No problem in most of the crypto payment services! All trades can be converted to USD instantly, if you want, so you don’t have to care, what the current price of Nxt or Bitcoin is! So if a car costs one day 10 Bitcoins and the other day 11 Bitcoins, merchant always gets the same money – 5.000 USD. There are no fees if you use Bitpay (but you must pay 30 USD/month) or you can use Coinbase and pay 1% fees for converting into local currencies.

Great features: Nxt - more than just a currency

Remember, how credit cards or pay pal can be used only for transferring the money?  Crypto currencies 2.0 like Nxt allow you send messages and use aliases. Don't be just a number! In near future you will use one program for all communication and transactions with the customer. It will be easier to contact your former customers and offer them special deals or discounts…

Do you manage charity, crowd funding or startups?

Cryptos have been extremely successful in the non-profit industry. It got huge media attention, when crypto donations helped to Wikipedia, Wikileaks or Olympic team.

How to accept Nxt cryptocurrency?
You can use payment gateway for cryptocurrencies - or use instructions:

Become a leader by accepting crypto currencies

When did your businesses add Facebook or Twitter? Crypto currencies are now like in early years of Facebook. Not many users, not many games. But you probably know Zynga's Farmville. Why are 200 million unique monthly active users playing FarmVille? Because Zynga was the first. If you use a crypto momentum and become a first business accepting cryptos, you can be like Zynga. Ahead of your competition. Like Overstock. 

How would benefit your business if it had IPO on Nxt asset exchange?

Let’s compare the costs one more time:

The costs of IPO
The length of the process
Grant Thornton
Audit fees
Board of directors fees
Fees for NYSE or NASDAQ
$35,000 - $500,000
Nxt asset exchange
$100 (= 1000 NXT)
10 minutes

And remember: anyone in the world can invest in your company, without using a bank account, within seconds, without fees and even with 1 dollar!

Nxt is like a Ferrari in the world of crypto currencies – faster (than Ford), with more features (than Ford), but also cheaper and with less consumption (than Ford/Bitcoin!). Drive a Ferrari, use Nxt!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The first multipool of Proof of Stake cryptocurrency finished beta stage: Bitcoin's future is Nxt

A team of passionate people have been working in last months on what has been referred to as Bitcoin 2.0: Nxt. Nxt is an advancement in the fundamental technology behind Bitcoin and brings with it an entirely new code base as opposed to being a simple fork of the existing code.  Nxt is one of the first implementations of some of the technologies that are considered to be 'second-generation cryptocurrency' such as decentralized messages system, peer to peer exchange, multigateways or distributed asset exchange. Nxt is also able to solve perhaps the biggest shortcoming Bitcoin has through its capability to process transactions virtually instantly. Nxt is simply faster and cheaper than Bitcoin and provides more features than Bitcoin and all its clones together.

Early Adoption?
Investors are flocking to get behind NXT as early as possible. Similar to Bitcoin, those who are able to identify the technical innovation behind the product are likely to be rewarded greatly for their early investment.  The NXT ecosystem (as with features like those named above makes it far more than a simple currency) is still one that can be easily bought into by the average investor without needing the amount of capital required for a sizable investment into the Bitcoin market space.  

Why Nxt?
Nxt was the first pure 'proof of stake' cryptocurrency, which means that all of the coins in the marketplace have existed since the coin began. This is as opposed to the traditional Bitcoin, which uses mining to create new coins.  There actually are other Bitcoin 'clone' coins, which use 'Proof of Stake'. But the problem with Blackcoin, Coin2, Communitycoin, Faircoin, Peercoin, Premine or Whitecoin is in lacking of special features they could provide and in using too slow transaction process. Scarcity may sometimes drive up price, but it does not create demand.  Demand is tied to the utility of that item, as well as how scarce that item is.  And it is not about the number of vendors, who accept their crypto. Look at Earthcoin, it crashed even when tons of shops were accepting it. Blackcoin, for example, has only slightly more utility than Bitcoin (a shorter confirmation time).  And a little group of pump and dumpers, who are willing to mine Blackcoin, but for just one simple reason – to dump it as soon as it gets over 50 thousand Satoshi.

Nxt, however, is at the forefront of a number of breakthrough cryptocurrency technologies and demand for these technologies will be at a premium in the future. You can never be sure, when Blackcoin follows the crash of Auroracoin, Mazacoin, Megacoin, Mintcoin, Pandacoins or Quarkcoin. But the crash will come.

In Nxt, there will be only ups in the future. Big ups. Why? Imagine, when the companies will be kickstarting via Nxt’s asset exchange.  Big companies with millions of customers. And it won’t be only a slight pump like Mastercoin’s Maidsafe-shares. Nxt asset exchange will be the fastest of all other solutions, so basically – the only useful decentralized exchange with multigateway.

Nxt is a brand new, written from the scratch, faster and cheaper than Bitcoin an all its clones!

Acquiring NXT – mining on multipool
The price for a single NXT 'coin' still experiences a great deal of daily volatility, similar to Bitcoin.  In order to help mitigate these daily fluctuations a mining pool has been created to help stabilize and increase the price of NXT.  Operating in limited beta test mode for over 30 days already, Hashrate has succeeded in already paying out to its miners the equivalent of over 15 Bitcoins worth of NXT.  The long term effect of a continual infusion of BTC into the NXT ecosystem every day will result in the value of the coin increasing.  Miners who look at their mining equipment as an investment could hardly find a better choice of mining pool than Hashrate - they will get a higher payout in NXT coins than any other pool would give them in BTC.

For those who are not miners: anyone who has invested on technological speculation should consider including NXT in their investment portfolio. The currently low prices combined with the game-changing technological features that have come out of the NXT ecosystem make it one of the few cryptocurrencies that has a bright future. NXT is available for trade on nearly all of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, like Bter or Cryptsy.

·         More about nxt:
·         Nxt multipool:
·         Follow Hashrate:

Short message:

Join Nxt multipool, mine the most promising Proof of Stake coin - Nxt:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What can you buy with NXT?

Recommended shop:

  • gift cards for: Amazon, Apple, Playstation store, Walmart, Southwest Airlines, Best Buy, Burger King, AMC Theatres
  • Computers and accessories, Kindle store
  • Movies
  • Precious metals
  • Videogames

Nxt merchandising shops
NXT Generation of Cryptocurrency Value T-Shirt NXT Generation of Cryptocurrency Key Chain
MUSE hip flask, chrome

3D Prints:

Crypto shops: - CryptoCoin Investments (Coin Capsules and physical litecoins)
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Hosting: - a small Virtual private server provider - VPN servers - webhosting

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Games: - old consoles and games

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Food: - Hand-Crafted Premium eJuices

Clothes: - Apparel, hundreds of thousands of Promotional Products - over 1,500 garments online and another 10,000 garments offline to choose from.

Jewelery: - diamond, gold, silver - rings, bracelets, chains, pendants, earrings....
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PS: Bitstickers are selling Nxt sticker, but they will start accepting Nxt in future: