Monday, September 8, 2014

Paypal created a video supporting Bitcoin just 4 days ago

Just 4 days ago were invited different actors, models or speakers to the Paypal headquarters to make a video that was just released:

It is definitely teasing a cooperation between Paypal and Bitcoin.

We already know this is no error, as you can see it from the tweets:

Jac Vanek @jacvanek  ·  4. 9.
Did a lil somethin w/ @PayPal & @davepeck & I was too busy looking like a dork to take any pics 📷: @TheSharkDaymond

A photographer Jac Vanek made a photoshoot for the video, where were Kendra Mckenzie or  Daymond John and all others.

You can find Daymond John in the 24th 52nd second...

And compare their tweets:

Daymond John @TheSharkDaymond  ·  4. 9.
.@davepeck @JeremySpund thanks Dave and @PayPal We had a Blast!

Kendra Mckenzie @kendramckenzie_  ·  4. 9.
Spending the day being a sexy fit model for my best friend @jacvanek 💁 wish I could tweet photos but I can't spill secrets!!

And some other mentions:

Spund City @JeremySpund  ·  4. 9.
Thank you @paypal @davepeck and the mistresscreative team for the great hospitality today! It was fun!…

Dave Peck from Paypal social team was organizing the whole thing probably.

TLDR: This thing is definitely real, but it also happened very fast. They really wanted to make it happen before the Apple announcement :)