Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Giveaway cheater

There is a cheater who already received 35.000 Nxt from the mysterious donator "16316011654851434145". Owner of this account is anonymous, he already gave 438,220 Nxt to people, he always gives 500 Nxt. I wonder, how many of them received this kind gift more than one times. This guy got it 70x. +

Total stolen Nxt by cheating in giveaways: 35.000 NXT = 70 accounts used in nextcoin.org

current account ID: 17584795580447734780
Account used for DGEX: 16316011654851434145
Gathering acc ID:
Final acc: 17584795580447734780
Stolen: 5,528

Main nicks: qqazx, Ranmorhipo
country: China
qqazx: We should leave dgex . It's dying.
Ranmorhipo: According to the Blockchain Explorer, the top 60 accounts have 796,985,499 coins(almost 80% of the total). And the the top 24 accounts (which have more than 10 mill) have 569,891,719 coins(56.9% of the total). I observed some of the top accounts of the coins has increase (such as some  accounts have more than 50 mill coins). It‘s definitely not a positive development for NXT. The greedy will destroy NXT. I don't think this coin will success if any accounts have more than 10 mill coins. The initial distribution is sucks. The price will not up too much unless the coin more dispersed.

Much appreciated.

Happy new year.

Thanks! :)

Please help me to start!
happy new year.


start nxt.
Happy new year!


Thanks ;D

Thanks ;)


- 16380679895180924458
Please send some.

Thanks ;D
Happy new year!

Stolen: 16.000 Nxt
Gathering acc:
Final acc: 4885957642146709487
Account used for DGEX: 12965503918671719412 + 7409308104741615177

Stolen: 15.500 Nxt
Gathering acc:
Final acc: 6510198331066588689


  1. It was well explained in the video that who ever got the biggest coin will get the biggest reward, so if you have 1 or two coins sitting in your account then its useless to mine/forge, but if you have a deep pocket you can buy some from exchange market, this coin is for the wealthy and not for the average joe`s like us.

  2. 9272302474047211442
    Thanks for your help!

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