Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Nxt: the most decentralized crypto p2p currency (by: Jimmy2011)

As the creator BCNext expected, Nxt will be the most decentralized crypto p2p currency, which is and will be always developed in a decentralized way. No other cryptocurrencies have so many different clients including java version, native client, android and iOS client like Nxt, and there are so many developers even at the early stage. In a p2p decentralized way, no client, no website, no exchange is official. 

Be a long term investment, don't expect to be a millionaire over a night. Be patient. The present development state and the market is benificial to the wealth distribution. Don't just have an eye on those 73 accounts. Everyone has opportunity at any time.

Not only invest money, do invest your work. The work values. I don't have so many development skills, but I do catch up all the posts in several threads related to Nxt every day, and also I'm trying to work on something in my way.



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