Friday, January 10, 2014

Where is Nxt from Original Stakeholders?

I am gathering a lot of statistics for the nxtmyths video. I had to prepare this alone and only with blockchain explorer, because I had to check each account one by one. Did he sell all his money? Or only a part? Did he move?

All statistics are here:

For now I checked only first 23 stakeholders, 22 of them received more than 10 Millions, there are only 8 Stakeholders who received 50 Millions for their Bitcoin.

If I look only at top 8, they started with 400 Millions, now they own 250 Millions. I am pretty sure at least half of them belong to the core developers. It is a good sign, because these people won't ruin Nxt :)

If I look at other 14 Stakeholders, they owned 350 Millions. Now they have 90-150 Millions! There were some big trades so I wasn't sure if it was a trade or only a transfer to the new account, but I am sure about max number!

If I look at all richest 23 stakeholders, it's: 750 Millions on 24 November 2013. And now: 345-450 Millions on 10 January 2014.

If I look at 23 richest original stakeholders, they owned 75% of all Nxt in the first day, but now they own only 34-45%. 300-400 Millions had already been sold to the new users in 6 weeks.


  1. Nice! Can't wait for your Nxt myths video!

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