Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Do not send bitcoins to scammers!

10 days after releasing first NXTs we have got our first scammer. A thief at the forum nextcoin.org stole 1 BTC from a poor guy mcjavar from bitcointalk. Mcjavar thougt that he is buying NXT from one famous guy from bitcointalk, but no, it was only a thief who used his nickname... If you want to support mcjavar, here is his NXT wallet :) NXT: 7704473502402320783

Beware of hackers too!

Let's make a list of all NXT thieves:

1. Hacking thief who was stealing some accounts and then transferring:

innocent accounts: - NXT acc 4024502032626639504 - Chang Hum - was robbed by 2 accounts that belong to one hacker:
222816499517535106 - money were returned
17716754118323415513 - money were not returned

But if I follow money from 222816499517535106, I get to this chain of transactions: - donated to Genesis ( - donated to Genesis

last owners of Nxt or diversions: (a slot machine) (cunicula's account, he received 500 Nxt from hacker's account: 2401730748874927467)

2. coinseller2014

Scammer coinseller2014 stole 0.1 BTC from wesley and didn't pay him 25.000 NXT:

note: coinseller2014 was a new user of bitcointalk with 12 posts. Always check if you aren't trading with scamming newbie.


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Bitcoiners should be aware of scammers because they are just around the corner. For Pete’s sake, don’t ever be fooled by fraud folks! Handling your bitcoin is your responsibility; even stashing them away in bitcoin casino is a risk.

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