Friday, December 13, 2013

NXT is looking for volunteers

Nxt is starting to be bigger and bigger... There are many people who want to help, who want to earn NXT for their help and some kind people who want to pay for that help. But it wasn't centralized. Until now. Here is the gdoc (I created it, but you are free to improve it, edit it, upgrade it, but please do not delete it, only if it's about you...).

There is a To-do list - where anyone can add what he thinks that is important.

There is NXT Team Sheet - a very important, so we can cooperate in groups. Until there will be some kind of organization, we can at least make some groups - and people can cooperate within those groups - graphics/videos/merketing...

We are looking for developers!

Sheet Donation - there are people who want to pay for some developoments, etc...

We are also looking for some leaders, coordinators - NiftyNikel should have some experience, Klee for also nominated to be a "Bounty bank" somewhere...

Why this all? Look at this:

Without a huge marketing, without a huge effort from developers, people who can write about myths (trolls can kill the currency because of the premined thing) - without this all Nxt won't be able to reach Bitcoin one day..


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