Monday, December 23, 2013

Why would Cryddit buy Nxt?


I've been considering buying some NXT, because I believe in the proof-of-stake model and I can see how it is pretty easy to develop the other mentioned features on top of it.  Also because the value would jump dramatically after release if the source code turns out to be okay. But I absolutely cannot run the client, because it has these four major strokes against it....

First, it's closed-source.  Closed-source, in itself, doesn't scream 'scam.'  But closed-source means you have to trust the developer, or trust people who've audited the code, because you can't trust source code you can't see.

Second, the developer is anonymous.  Anonymous developer, in itself, doesn't scream 'scam.'  But it means you have to trust the source code, or people who've audited the code, because you can't trust a developer whom you can't serve a subpeona on.

Third, the people who've audited the code have no history, no reputation, no known qualifications.  That in itself doesn't scream 'scam', but it means you have to trust the developer or trust the source code, because you can't trust auditors whom you don't know to be qualified.

Fourth, it's financial software.  Financial software in itself doesn't scream 'scam' but it does mean you absolutely cannot run it without completely trusting it because if you do otherwise then sooner or later a scam will take your entire life savings and/or livelihood.

So, if I acquire Nxt prior to the source code being released and audited by people I have reasons to trust, it's going to be on a 'burner box' -- install the OS, put it on its own subnet with no connections to other local machines, run the software long enough to generate a key, do the transfer,  and then save the wallet to a USB key marked 'DANGEROUS' with red nail polish, so you won't ever put it into anything except another 'burner box'.  Then shut it down and wipe the hard drive. It makes it kind of a pain in the ass to deal with.


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