Thursday, January 16, 2014

How Nxt changed our Lives 1) Neonemu and his dog

I am here, hoping to share my success story from NXT.  I’m hoping it might inspire some people, and I hope it might help bring the community closer together; even boost the morale some.

-  Thank you people.

Firstly I would like to thank ByBitCoin –without whom, none of this would have been possible.  Thank you for the opportunity to buy in so early.
Secondly, I would like to thank C-F-B, and BCNext for obvious reasons.
Thirdly, I would like to thank GCInc.  While some people do not appreciate his services, I am very much in his debt.  It’s because of his services, time, and his risk, that I was able to even share the following story.
Lastly, I would like to thank those that purchased the NXT from me from Dgex.  I am so thankful, both that you were able to also buy in at cheaper prices, and that I was able to shuffle some of the early wealth around.

Invest, wait, ? , profit.

So what is this story that I have to share?  I would like to tell you about my dog Charlie.  I met Charlie 4 years ago when he was a baby pup.  Since that time Charlie and I have only been apart for two days.  We used to go swimming and running (and walking) in the summer, and hiking in the spring, winter, and fall.  Needless to say, Charlie is and has been my best friend.
In July, Charlie was attacked by a pitt bull while we were walking through our neighborhood.  Charlie’s neck was torn open and thankfully, the dog didn’t get his jugular.  Charlie lived, the owner paid for the initial bills.  However, a few weeks later my dog started to have a limp.  I took him to the Veterinarian, over, and over, during the next few months and his limp didn’t improve—it kept getting worse.  I spent over $1,500 to eventually get the diagnosis that, “Charlie has to see a specialist, I suspect he tore his cruciate ligament.”

(This is Charlie as a puppy).

To me, this is a HUGE amount of money so far.  I work IT for roughly $15 an hour.  It’s full time, but I don’t get benefits, and honestly between student loans, my apartment, and Charlie, I eat Ramen most days of the week.  I was thankful enough to have scrounged up 1BTC in the past year through LiteCoin mining.

Back to the story!  So, I took Charlie to a specialist and was told that his left knee definitely had a torn cruciate ligament.  The surgery was expensive, roughly $2290, and Charlie would never be at 100% again.  The best I could hope for is 90% mobility. Sadly, he can never fetch a tennis ball again, according to the Veterinarian.  I would like to say that was the ‘kicker,’ but, honestly, the worst part is that he has a 25-50% chance of his other knee going.

(Here's Charlie all grown up)!

So how does this involve NXT you ask?  Well, I was lucky enough to catch some of the very early NXT sales from the founders.  I was able to take my BTC and buy 1,600,000NXT.  I asked for 1.5M and ByBitCoin was so kind as to give me an extra 100K.  This all happened well before the dreaded specialist visit.  By the time that I got the news and had to schedule the appointment, I had to come up with that money ASAP.  After talking to my local tax professional and figuring out how much I had to set aside for capital gains taxes.  I transferred about 400K NXT to dgex over the next few weeks.    I was able to sell my NXT (though not at the price I would have liked), and was able to cash out my BTC.  GCInc. Was spectacular during this time—he was responsive to all my messages and was able to kindly help me get my money in and out within a very fast amount of time.  So there I was, a few hundred thousand NXT lighter, my dreams of paying off my student loans gone, but my dog had the money for his surgery.

Yesterday came, Charlie had TTA his surgery, and was home today by 5pm.    He’s a bit doped up, and he’s in pain, but it’s hopeful that he will recover well.

(Charlie Post-Op).

Thank you to everyone for supporting this community.  It has helped me keep my best friend in the best health I can keep him in.  And I suppose, what I would really like to say, and what I really mean by this is that for some... NXT isn't just about making money, it isn't about revolutionizing how things are.  To some of us, NXT is a dream, or a hope, to be able to take care of those closest to us.  To be able to support those things that matter most to us.


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