Monday, June 16, 2014

MyNxt Online Wallet now be trustless, open source and with new design

Starting on the 16th/June the Online Wallet ( will become a trustless wallet, and the client-side code will be open-sourced so anyone can review it.

This will add an extra layer of security to our users. The extra level of trust will help boost the online wallet adoption by both existing Nxters that were hesitant to use the wallet before, and also (and most importantly), will help encourage new people to join Nxt.

With this work, the myNXT Online Wallet becomes an on-blockchain, client-side trustless wallet, which is very similar to the leading Bitcoin online wallet The main objective is to make it dead-easy for new users to join Nxt without requiring downloads, java installs, or waiting for downloading of the blockchain.

Mynxt will also be adding a backup functionality so that our users can easily backup their wallet and even migrate to other Nxt clients if they choose to.

- Mynxt in brand new design

Existing users
Existing users don't need to do anything, their wallets are safe and not going to be affected. Everything we are developing is fully backwards compatible. Any existing users that wants to ensure that their wallets are also trustless (because when they created their account, the encryption was still server-side), will be able to change their master password using the new client-side encryption system.

What is Mynxt?

Nxt Online Wallet (
Nxt online wallet is an html5 web app. It runs perfectly on iPhones or Android or desktop browsers. Anyone can put a link in their home screen and access it any time. Nxt online wallet is easy to use and users can access their Nxt account from anywhere.  It has a responsive layout: works in PC, Mac, Tablets and Phones. Right now online wallet can be used for sending and receiving NXT coins. They can also check their balance in NXT, USD, EUR, BTC and other currencies.

Antony Lewis (Singapore exchange itBit) is buying Nxt coins at the Cebexpo

 - Antony Lewis (Singapore exchange itBit) is buying Nxt coins at the Cebexpo in Vienna by using Nxt Online Wallet

Safety first
Nxt online wallet was made as secure as possible. All accounts are 50 characters long, randomly generated. AES-256 is used to encrypt each account address twice (once using a site-wide key and once using the user's master password). Only SSL connections are accepted and all passwords are hashed (salted).

Brand New Tool: Nxt Forging Calculator (
Calculate how much you could forge! In NXT you forge instead of mining and how many blocks you can forge depends on how much NXT you have. Use this brand new calculator to find out how much you have forged.

Nxt Forwarder (
Use as a gateway to Nxt aliases in the format <alias>! This original feature connects the Nxt alias network with the regular internet. You can get people to visit a URL, see an image or a text and control this content via the Nxt network. If you have any alias, it is simple, just visit <youralias>

The new Mynxt block explorer (
Explorer is now running on a better server. New home page shows the summary of interesting statistics. Asset explorer now shows list of assets, candlestick bars, history, buy/sell orders. Alias explorer, account explorer, transactions and block explorers were also enhanced. There are lots of new filters, pagination and information.

New Asset Exchange Transaction volume graph:

Nxt Alerter (
Would you like to receive alerts every time there is a transaction in your Nxt account? Especially when coins are sent/received? Get e-mail alerts when your account finds a block or when there is any transaction, no need to keep client running. The system also supports alias operations and arbitrary messages.

The Nxt Alerter already sent thousands of messages to our users, every time a monitored account has a transaction or a block is found. The system can now send alerts every time an Alias Operation is performed or an Arbitrary Message is sent/received. This means you get Arbitrary Messages right in your email inbox, anywhere you are and without having to check your Nxt client.

Nxt Charts (
- the total number of NXT accounts in existence per day
- the number of Nxt transactions executed per day
- the transaction volume (amount of Nxt transacted) in Nxt per day
- the total fees paid (as part of transactions) per day

Mynxt Public Nodes
15 Mynxt public nodes were deployed in December in 5 locations (Brazil, UK, Singapore, Australia and Japan). Their status can be checked here at any time:


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