Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Nxt cryptocurrency - introduction and texts for journalists

Dear Mr Journalist, 

I would like to inform you about new generation cryptocurrency - Nxt. Nxt is not based on Bitcoin's source code (like all other altcoins). It is faster than Bitcoin (10x) and cheaper (3000x) - you can run Nxt on smartphones and small devices like the Raspberry Pi. (see tech analysis)

Nxt is fully decentralized - there is no organisation above Nxt, no corporations or celebrities, all development and marketing is paid by community donations. Inventor of Nxt only created a source code and left Nxt, like Satoshi left Bitcoin.

Why is Nxt new generation cryptocurrency?Nxt allows building all kinds of decentralized applications on top of Nxt’s green and fast network:
  • decentralized internet
  • decentralized stock, currency exchange
  • decentralized online market
  • decentralized file storage
  • decentralized Facebook, Twitter, Email, Youtube...

Nxt will be used as a platform for easy building new cryptocurrencies on top of Nxt:
  • Casino Tokens
  • Airline miles points
  • Hotel/Travel Agency Tokens
  • Gaming currencies
  • Country currencies
  • Local currencies
  • Companies currencies

Why is it important to be decentralized?Decentralized Facebook cannot be censored by governments (like in China). Decentralized exchanges cannot be hacked (like MtGox in Japan). Anonymity allows decentralized internet and file storage for all freedom fighters. (see "Decentralized internet and Nxt solutions" paper)

Nxt brings the revolution to the free speech and to the democratization of the money.

Why are P2P payments and P2P crowdfunging important?Nxt crowdfunding allows straight micropayments aimed to the hands of everyone, even in Africa. Billions of people cannot have a bank account, but they can be crowdfunded by Nxt kickstarters, without charity providers, without middlemen.

If you have any questions, let us know: We can arrange interviews with Nxt developers... We would be very delighted, if you wanted to write about Nxt. Thank you!

Test new Nxt interface right now here: - no installation, just 2 clicks in 5 seconds to get to the testing account (use password: "1" or anything else for testing)

Published articles

Unpublished texts. You can use or publish any of our texts

Economic texts:

Tech theses:


What is Nxt?

Decentralized internet and Nxt solutions:

Download Nxt logos:

Nxt logo:

Nxt brochure

Lists of Nxt websites:

Main Nxt website:

Nxt clients:

Buy Nxt on:

Yours faithfully, Salsacz, contact:

Small unpublished articles

How is Nxtcoin (NXT) Proof of Stake and Transparent Forging better than Proof of Work systems?

Financial decentralization leads to financial freedom!

NXT solution to payment terminal


  1. FYI We have came out with a ticker for NXT and matching mobile apps.

    First we came out with this (json format):

    Here is the server side source code for the ticker:

    We just published the Android app, we will soon open source the code:

    The iOS version is waiting for review from Apple.


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